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Ice Cream Cart


Our unique Carts will add both functionality and atmosphere to an endless number of sites and situations.  We pride ourselves on our superior craftsmanship using the finest materials.  No product ever leaves the factory without our assurance that it is a product worthy of our name.


Whether you need to purchase multiple carts for a new shopping centre, or just require a single cart to launch your business - the Victorian Cart Company is the place to come!


Our many options in size, shape, and accessories,  give you the flexibility to create your own character and fit into any situation or style. All our carts are made to order, so we can tailor any of our designs to suit your needs.


Indoors or out, temporary or permanent, our carts give merchandise a unique presentation and visibility in a self-contained, space efficient unit.


Please take a few minutes to see what we can offer you.. either with one of our traditional, Victorian designs...or let us custom make one to your own specifications.





  UK Manufacturers Of Fine Quality Bespoke Carts & Kiosks

Built in the Finest Tradition

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Order your Ice Cream Carts NOW in time for the summer season

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